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      Hall C Software Documentation 

  Getting an Analyzer up and running -link here -
  Getting runs (Data) from the mass storage system (mss) -link here -
  Getting started with Data Analysis -link here -
  The CEBAF Test Package (CTP) -link here -
  Keeping Analyzer updated, info on CVS -link here -
  Updates to Analyzer in last 60 days -link here -
  Change Log for Analyzer -link here -
Note on changes to h_tof, s_tof code
-link here -
Instructions on new HMS TOF calibration code
-link here -
Note on addition of new best track selection code
-link here -

  Calibrations  HMS Drift chamber and checking scintillators -link here -
  Calibrations  SOS Drift chamber and checking scintillators -link here -
  Calibration of the Time of Flight System -link here-
  Calibration of the HMS or SOS Calorimeter -link here--PS file here-
  Calibration of the Gas Cerenkov Counter -link here-
  Calibration Checking (histograms and such) -link here-

Misc Other
  Reconstruction Matrix Element Fitting -link here-
More details in May1997 (.ps.gz) or July1996 (.ps.gz)
  Notes about HMS field setting program -link here --ps file here -
  Hall C beam energy measurement -link here --PS file here -
  H(e,e')p check -link here-
  One Event Display (new 1999 version) -link here -
  A discussion of SOS wire chamber tracking -link here -

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