Getting an Analyzer
  1. Need to define the variables CVS_RSH and CVSROOT . This can be done with the commands: setenv CVS_RSH ssh ; setenv CVSROOT /group/hallc/cvsroot . You should add these definitions to your login script. ( If using the Analyzer offsite then, setenv CVSROOT
  2. To checkout the Analyzer use one of the following scripts associated with different experiments.
    Script name
    Baryon ( E01-002)
    Fpi2  ( E01-004 )
  3. Before compiling the program the variable CERN_ROOT needs to be defined. On the Jlab type the command: use cernlib . For an off-site machine you need to know where your CERN libraries are located. If you use paw or some CERN program then probably CERN_ROOT is already defined.
  4. Move to the Analyzer subdirectory ( cd Analyzer) and type make.   ( At this point the code has compiled JLab machines and ALPHA machines at Regina and FSU. Any experiences with other machines or at other facilities which indicate changes needed to the makefiles please contact M Jones ( .)
  5. The make command will write a lot a messages to the screen. Most are just diagnostic. When compiling on the JLab linux machines ifarml1, ifarml2, ifarml3 the compiler is g77 and one will get warning messages.  One type of warning messages are  about unimplemented intrinsics such as JISHFT,JIAND,JIEOR,JIBSET,BJTEST . These are defined in PORT/bit_wrappers.c . Another major set of warnings are about calls to subroutines such as regparmstring ,regparmint,regparmdouble , etc. These are about changes in argument types and can be ignored.
  6. Information on CVS and keeping your code updated.
  7. Please subscribe to the mailing list hallcsw by sending mail  to and have subscribe hallcsw in the body of your message. This will keep notify you when files are committed to the CVS.
  8. A history of recent updates to the Analyzer.
  9. If you have updates to the code in the Analyzer, please contact Mark Jones ( to have them committed to the Analyzer CVS repository.
This page is maintained by Mark Jones ( . Last update Mar. 30, 2007.