Table of Hall C Howtos

The following is a table of Hall C howtos and references. To sort the listing, click on column heading for the column that you would like to sort on. To contribute a howto or reference, please read the Howto Howto for instructions. To obtain the latest version of the template, bibliography database and style files, please download chowto.tgz. Mail any howtos that you write to Steve Wood who will post them to this listing.

If you would like to edit one of these documents, please download the lastest version from the git repository

Other Hall C Documentation:

  1. Cryogenic Target System
  2. Operating Procedures and Manuals
  3. Vendor Supplied Manuals
  4. Electronic module datasheets (eg. Lecroy and Phillips).
  5. More Manuals/Datasheets/etc

To read a howto online, click on the title for that howto. To download a pdf file suitable for printing, click on the appropriate link in the "PDF" column.

base_equip_checklistGeneralUser Written by Staff and Users of Hall CHall-C Base Equipment Checklist
bcm_calibrationGeneralExpert Dave Mack and Stephen A. WoodBCM Calibration
Beam_Check_MonBeamlineReference Liguang TangBeam Quality Check and Monitor
beamline_fr_manualBeamlineExpert Chen YanTarget Raster Maintenance Manual
beamline_opticsBeamlineReference Chen YanA Brief Description of the Hall C Beamline
beamline_rasterBeamlineReference Chen YanDescription of the Hall C Raster Systems
cable_mapElectronicsReference H. FenkerDetector Signal and High Voltage Cable Map
CAEN_HV_expertGeneralExpert S. A. WoodCaen High Voltage System EPICS Controls
CAEN_HV_operationGeneralUser S. A. WoodOperation of the Caen High Voltage System
ctp_manualDAQReference Stephen A. WoodThe CEBAF Test Package: A Symbolic and Dynamic Test, Histogram, and Parameter Package for On- and Off-line Particle Physics Data Analysis
drift_gas_systemGeneralExpert H. FenkerDrift Chamber Gas System Operation
flam_gas_sensorsGeneralUser H. FenkerDrift Chamber Flammable Gas Leak Detectors
hallc_beam_energy_measBeamlineUser M. K. JonesHall C Beam Energy Measurement
hms_detector_monitoringHMSUser H. FenkerMonitoring HMS ``Utilities'' Systems
hms_drift_chambersHMSReference L. Tang and M. Long and B. Pandey and S. A. Wood and C. YeroHMS Drift Chambers
hms_drift_mapHMSReference H. FenkerHMS Drift Chamber HV and Signal Connections
hms_magnets_newMagnetsUser M. Fowler and T. HornHMS Magnets Control System Help and How To
hms_nominalsHMSReference H. FenkerHMS Nominal Settings: Voltages, Currents, Flows, etc.
howtohowtoGeneralExpert Stephen A. WoodCreating Hall C Howto and Reference Documents
moeller_rasterBeamlineUser Chen YanHOW TO SET UP HALL C MOELLER RASTER
moller_sbysBeamlineUser Howard FenkerHALL C M\o ller Step-By-Step Guide - How to take a M\o ller Run
online_histosDAQUser G. HuberInstructions for online replay
open_hms_doorHMSUser H. FenkerOperating the HMS Shield House Door
open_hms_shutterHMSUser H. FenkerOperating the HMS Vacuum Window Shutter
run_monticelloBeamlineUser M. K. JonesRun Monticello
shms_drift_chambersSHMSReference M. Eric Christy and Peter Monaghan and Narbe Kalantarians and Debaditya Biswas and Mahlon LongSHMS Drift Chambers
shms_scintillator_hodoscopeSHMSReference G. Niculescu and I. Niculescu and M. Burton and D. Coquelin and K. Nisson and T. JarellSHMS Hodoscope Scintillator Detectors
slow_rasterBeamlineUser Chen YanSlow raster system for polarized target experiments
superharpBeamlineUser M. K. JonesSuperharp Operation
tof_calibrationHMSUser Peter BostedTime of Flight Scintillator Hodoscope Calibration

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