Run Coordinators for GeN

The responsibilities of the Run Coordinator are many. They include:

  1. to insure that the run plans are clear to the shift workers,
  2. to track the progress of the experiment with regard to the run plans, in particular to maintain a running count of our "coincidence events" for both d(e,e’n) and p(e,e’p) (as soon as this becomes possible),
  3. to insure that proper shift accounting is being done, especially keeping track of those areas that produce down time or are responsible for inefficient utilization of available beam,
  4. to coordinate with the various system leaders (neutron detector, polarized target, beam polarimeter, data acquisition, and data analysis) and schedule activities such as Moller runs, target anneals, thermal equilibrium measurements and hall accesses to optimize productivity,
  5. to interact with the Physics Division Liaison and keep him/her informed of the experiment status and to make requests for additional resources as necessary,
  6. to interact with the Program Deputy and to keep him/her fully informed of the experiment’s status and development. This requires, typically, attendance at 7:30 am and 8 am meetings during the week and at an agreed upon time on Saturday and Sunday,
  7. to attend the 1:30 PM weekly (Wednesday) scheduling meeting to represent the interests of the collaboration and give the Run Coordinator Weekly Summary (instructions are also linked to from the elog page),
  8. to remain in the local area and be available by telephone at all times. If that is not possible to designate another collaborator to serve in one’s place, and
  9. to provide a report at the weekly Hall C meeting (Monday 3pm).
  10. to enter a weekly summary report into the Hall C electronic log book (hclog).
  11. ensure that the shift check list is filled out (once a day during down times).

As necessary this job description may be refined and enlarged.