Important Contacts in Accelerator Division

1. Mike Spata Head of the MCC Ops Crew
2. Noel Okay Deputy to Mike Spata
3. Steve Suhring Operability Group
4. Will Oren Head of Engineering (installation, alignment, etc.)
5. Chris Curtis Head of Alignment Group
6. Mark Wiseman Mechanical Engineering Group Leader
7. Omar Garza Head of Accel. Electronics Support
8. Greg Arnold Deputy to Omar Garza
9. Geoff Krafft Head of Accelerator Physics (optics, etc.)
10. Jay Benesch (sets up beam for the halls)
11. Bob May Head of RadCon Group
12. Scott Schwahn Deputy to Bob May
13. Sandy Prior Accel. Div. Safety Officer
14. Bill Merz Head of High Power Engineering Group
15. Karen White Head of Controls Software Group
16. Andrew Hutton Head of Operations

last updated June 2001