Gen01 Shift Duties

excluding target work

for every run

  • fill out run sheet & update runlist (~cdaq/gen/runlist_Q2=1.txt)

  • replay 50,000 events, early in the run, generating histograms:
    hist_replay {run number}
    in ~cdaq/gen/replay on cdaqS3

  • then check these histograms

  • if OK, run a full charge replay:
    charge_replay {run number}

every 2 hours

  • check charge replay output

at least once a shift

  • fill out shift check list (daily, if no beam)
    & scan into hclog when page is full

  • fill out beam usage report

  • make shift summary entry in hclog

  • check status of data disks (GUI)

  • ensure runlist is up-to-date (~cdaq/gen/runlist_Q2=1.txt)

  • check beam position & raster size in HMS histograms and GUI

  • (check scaler asymmetries -- not yet available)