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Run Coordinator Cell Phone: 876-1791

Run Coordinator Pager: 584-5501


Proposal and Status Reports


Detector Howtos and Manuals

These documents are being moved into the Hall C/HKS Howto and reference documents. Please visit those pages if a document you expect to be below is missing.

Detector HowtoManual/Test Result
HKS Drift ChambersManual HDC1 eff.
HKS TOF CountersTest Result
HKS Aerogel Cerenkovto be posted to be posted
ENGE Drift Chamberto be posted to be posted
HKS Sieve Slit ControlDesign
ENGE tiltreference
Trigger Electronics Elec. Doc.
TUL-8040to be posted reference
F1-TDCrefrence test
Fisson Chamber (E02-017)to be posted to be posted
HDC analysishowto