E01-011 (HKS) and E02-017 (LIFETIME) Safety Documentation

  • HKS/LIFETIME ESAD (Final) - HKS/LIFETIME Experimental Safety Assessment Document
  • Hall C Standard ESAD - Experimental Safety Assessment Document for the Hall C Base Equipment
  • HKS COO (Final) - HKS/LIFETIME Conduct of Operations for Hall C Experiment
  • E01-011/E02-017 Radiation Budget (06/12/2004, Updated) - Preliminary HKS/LIFETIME Radiation Safety Assessment Document

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    Run Coordinator Pager: 584-5501

    Run Coordinators

    S.N. Nakamura
    M. Sumihama
    L. Tang
    K. Baker
    L. Yuan
    J. Reinhold
    P. Markowitz
    W. Boeglin
    L. Gan
    I. Niculescu
    G. Niculescu
    Y. Fujii