General documentation:

      > Conduct of operations (COO): click here
      > Radiological Safety Analysis Document (RSAD): click here
      > Experiment Safety Assessment Document (ESAD): click here

Shift documentation:

      > Runplan sheets:
             - elastic LT: TPE_2058MeV, TPE_5058MeV, TPE_3363MeV, TPE_1820MeV, TPE_4475MeV, TPE_1077MeV, TPE_5157MeV, TPE_1653MeV, TPE_849MeV, TPE_2457MeV, TPE_985MeV, TPE_3784MeV, TPE_2851MeV, TPE_3902MeV, TPE_3132MeV, TPE_741MeV, TPE_1443MeV, TPE_1700MeV,
             -resonance LT: RLT_3117MeV
      > Shift checklist: simple, with instructions
      > Energy change checklist: E05-017
      > Runsheets: E05-017, E04-001/E06-009
      > Target operator manual: click here. For Greg Smith's target training slides, click here

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