August 15, 2006

  • General:
           --> No SOS

  • To take care before September 2006 down:
           A) SPECTROMETER
                1) Testing of the new HMS magnet control: only possible on the Quads for now. (ask Go if we can do dipole test: need lots of coolant so probably not going to happen). Ask the status to Mike Fowler or Steven Lassiter. (--> Pat)
                2) Check S1 and S2 efficiencies in order to finger out if S1 should be repaired too. (--> Eric)
                3) Check for hardware hijacked during HKS from the HMS (splitters,...). Ask Hamlet. (--> Pat)
                4) Check plans of GeP-III with HMS.
           B) TARGET
                1) Check new scattering chamber plan and make sure everything will fit. (--> Pat)

  • To take care during September 2006 down:
           A) SPECTROMETER
                1) take out HMS scintillators (S1 and S2 or only S2). It is on Walter's tentative schedule.
                2) change scintillators PMTs. (--> Hamlet)
                3) Cerenkov mirror alignment: probably not.
                4) Cerenkov pressure: Eric and Thia would like a pressure about 0.7. E05-017 is pretty flexible on this topic.
                5) No need to change Aerogel material. Hamlet said the aerogel is with n=1.015 and John said it is fine.
           B) TARGET
           C) BEAMLINE

  • To take care before running:
           A) SPECTROMETER
                1) Making and testing of an Aluminum window or use the Keplar one.
                2) Testing of the dipole control.
                3) Take cosmic data
           B) TARGET
                1) Thia and Eric would like the Jan05 target setup.
                2) With tuna can cell, boiling effect was good but need to check beam position.
           C) BEAMLINE
                1) At the smallest angle (10.5deg), we need the smallest beampipe.
           D) PAPERWORKS
                1) Radiation budget. (--> Thia)
                2) Maximum beam current vs. target: ask Greg Smith. (--> Thia)
                3) Shift schedule.

  • Runplan: (--> Pat)
                1) take into account moving Aerogel in and out. How long will it take each time ? Ask Hamlet.
                2) Need also to have Hamlet around during the experiment.
    Patricia Solvignon
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