Rosen07 online analysis:

To replay the data:
       1) log on as cdaq@cdaql#
       2) type: goonlana (this should bring you to the directory: ~cdaq/daq07/replay/)
       3) type: SCRIPTS/replay grun= gstop=50000

To look at the data:
from the replay directory:
       1) cd run_paw_here
       2) start paw++
       3) type in paw++: exe Panel
       4) type the run number
       5) now you should see the Panel with the desired run number


       6) click on Basic histograms - HMS and proceed through the histograms.
       7) make an electronic entry of any abnormal detector behaviors. (Type hclog from the xterm window, click on Add Pictures, click on Grab 1st Pictures, click on the window to be grabbed. After adding your user name, subject and some text, click on Make Entry)
       8) to check the next run, just click on Change Run Number in the Panel and you are back to step 6 above.

Keep the runlist file up-to-date:
       the runlist file is called: rosen07_runlist.dat and can be found in the replay directory: ~cdaq/daq07/replay/

Patricia Solvignon
Last modified: Mon May 14 00:00:08 EDT 2007