Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana)
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Hall C ROOT/C++ Analyzer (hcana) Documentation

hcana is an under-development tool to analyze data from the HMS, SHMS and SOS spectrometers in Hall C at JLab. It is being developed to replace the historical Hall C analyzer, ENGINE, which was written in Fortran. hcana will be the package used to analyze Hall C date in the 12 GeV era. hcana is being written in C++, using the CERN ROOT framework. hcana is an extension to the Hall A analyzer, PODD.

NOTE: In the process of retrieving the hcana source code, a copy of the Hall A PODD package will be downloaded. The version of PODD included has been slightly modified for use with hcana. For an official version of PODD, see the ROOT/C++ Analyzer for Hall A page.


Instructions for downloading hcana can be found in the Hall C Wiki.


hcana may be compiled with either make or scons. Switching between these two build systems make require some cleanup of dependency files, binary files and other autogenerated files.

Before compiling, type source setup.sh or source setup.csh depending on whether your shell is bash or csh.

Compiling with make


Compiling with scons


Additional SCons features

To do the equivalent of "make clean", do scons -c To compile with debug capabilities, do scons debug=1 To compile the standalone codes the are part of podd, do scons standalone=1 To run cppcheck (if installed) on the Hall C src diretory, do scons cppcheck=1


Basic instructions on how to run hcana are in the Hall C Wiki.


To participate in hcana code development, contact Mark Jones or Stephen Wood.