Hall A ROOT/C++ Analyzer (podd)
Hall A ROOT/C++ Analyzer (podd) Documentation

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This is the standard data analysis software for Hall A at Jefferson Lab. The current stable version is 1.6.6.


The analyzer is an object-oriented, highly modular and extensible framework built on top of the ROOT framework from CERN. Classes are available for the most common analysis tasks involving data from the standard Hall A experimental equipment, in particular the HRS spectrometers and detectors. Standard physics calculations for single arm (e,e'), conincidence (e,e'X) and photoproduction reactions are available, as well as for auxiliary tasks such as energy loss corrections, vertex position calculations, etc.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is included that provides users with a rapid development environment for building experiment-specific extension libraries. One can quickly implement new detectors, physics computation modules and even entire spectrometers.

Currently, major efforts are underway (1) to develop an improved analysis framework jointly with Hall C which will be based on the current Hall A software, and (2) to update the analyzer for the more demanding analysis requirements of 12 GeV experiments.

For more information, please see the Wiki.


The analyzer may be compiled with either CMake (recommended) or SCons. The following are the main prerequisites for analyzer 1.6:

  • ROOT version 5 or higher. The latest version (currently 6.18/00) is recommended. root-config must be in your PATH.
  • EVIO version 4.0 or higher. CODA must be set to point to the top of the installation location. If you do not have EVIO on your system, the analyzer build system will download a copy automatically. This requires Internet access.

Compiling with CMake

Do the usual CMake setup

1 mkdir build
2 cd build
3 cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/local/analyzer ..
4 make -jN install

Here $HOME/local/analyzer is an example installation destination; modify as appropriate. You will need to add the bin and lib sub-directories under the installation prefix to your environment:

1 export PATH=$HOME/local/analyzer/bin:$PATH
2 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/local/analyzer/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

On 64-bit Linux, the library directory is usually lib64 instead of lib.

Compiling with SCons (obsolescent)

Ensure that you have SCons version is 2.3.0 or higher. Then simply do


Additional SCons features

To do the equivalent of "make clean", do scons -c To compile debug code (no optimizations, much slower), do scons debug=1


To participate in development, please contact the developers

Bug reports and other issues may be submitted to the Redmine issue tracker by anyone. You are strongly encouraged to use the issue tracker system. In this way, all active developers are notified and able to respond quickly.