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evioBlockHeaderV4_t Struct Reference

Structure for Sergei Boiarinov's use.

Public Attributes

uint32_t length
uint32_t blockNumber
uint32_t headerLength
uint32_t eventCount
uint32_t reserved1
uint32_t bitInfo
uint32_t reserved2
uint32_t magicNumber

#include <evio.h>

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::bitInfo

Contains version # in lowest 8 bits. If dictionary is included as the first event, bit #9 is set. If is a last block, bit #10 is set.

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::blockNumber

block id # starting at 1.

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::eventCount

of events in this block (not counting dictionary).

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::headerLength

length of this block header in 32-bit words (always 8).

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::length

total length of block in 32-bit words including this complete header.

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::magicNumber

written as 0xc0da0100 and used to check endianness.

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::reserved1

reserved for future use.

uint32_t evioBlockHeaderV4_t::reserved2

reserved for future use.

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