CAEN High Voltage System

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High voltage to the HES & HKS detectors is supplied by the CAEN crates in the "G0" cage on the second floor of the counting house.

Starting the High Voltage GUI

cd tk

Access crates by terminal server

In some cases it might be convenient or necessary to access the crates via a terminal server:

telnet hctsv2-ep 2002

This will give access to controls similar to those found on the crate panel. Note that although one can choose the crate number it is best if the terminal line is directly connected to the crate of interest because a running EPICS process otherwise will interfere.

Don't forget to log out again, because only one connection is possible at any time

Editing the High Voltage Map File

cd $EPHKSHV/perl

Edit the file HV.hvc.

If you added new channels:


This might need to be done on one of the cdaqs# machines. Now reboot g0ioc2 in the G0 cage on the 2nd floor of the counting house.

cd $EPHKSHV/tk

Now you can start the GUI again.