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For information about the configuration of the Data Acquisition, see the DAQ Notes.

DAQ (CODA) Howto

Data taking is done from the machine "cdaql6", which is the rightmost screen in the console in the counting house. If the computer is not "logged in", login with the account "cdaq" and the password written on the whiteboard.

To start coda, start an "xterm" window and type "codamaster". From the menu select the run type "coin".

Taking Data with CODA

You may see the window "CODA MASTER". In this window, first you should click

"Config" -> "Enable buttons".

Then you should check all ROCs are alive clicking

"Get Status" 

"ER1" and "EB1" should be red, but other ROCs should be green. If you see some red buttons, check the ROC has powered on. If ROC is turned on and the status is red, call expert.

After that, start up

"ET System", "Event Builder", "Event Recorder", "Message Logger" and "Run Control"

If you already have "CODA Messages" window, you don't have to click "Message Logger".

In "RunControl" window, first you should click


Then click


and select run type. Each run type has following configuration;

ch1  ... ROC1
ch   ... ROC1 + ROC13 + ROC14
hks  ... ROC1 + ROC13 + ROC14 + ROC7 
coin ... ROC1 + ROC13 + ROC14 + ROC7 + ROC11

In the case of physics data, select "coin". And click


Now it's ready for taking data.

If you click

"Start Run"


"Prestart" -> "Go"

CODA begin taking data. In order to end the run, click

"End Run"

Unless problem does not happen, just repeat this cycle.

For the data analysis, refer How to run analysis in cdaq.

Dealing with problems

You might see some error messaged in "CODA Messages" window. In such a case, check the "Name" and "Message". Following is the example of important error messages sometimes you can see.

Not all mods converted

This error shows there are some problem about trigger line. Be sure ALL Trigger or Gate signals input to all ROCs. Or sometimes this happen when some kind of tigger has been mixed before TS0.

Extra event in ROCxx

This error is little bit complicated. Trigger mixing after the TS0 may cause this problem, or sometimes bad module (or module connection) may cause this.

End Run failed

This error happen sometimes. Just use "KILL ALL" and restart CODA.

An any case, you should reboot CODA after fixing problem. If you have any error and can't solve, call expert.

Restarting CODA

If you have some problem or reboot ROCs, you should restart CODA. What you have to do is just click


in "CODA MASTER" window and do the same way as "Taking Data with CODA".

Rebooting ROCs

In order to reboot ROCs, you should connect to ROC through terminal server. You can see instructions in DAQ_Notes#Readout_controllers

Or you can reboot CODA using rebootpanel. Execute


in any directory of any CODA machine (do NOT enter just "reboot"!). Then select

Configure->Enable buttans

and select ROC to be rebooted.