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For the magnetic field monitoring of four quadropole magnets (KQ1, KQ2, EQ1 and EQ2). We employ hall probe, MPT-141 and DTM-151 produced by Group3 corporation. It can measure up to 3 tesla with 10-4 accuracy. All DTM-151 are connected by daisy chain and one 25pin RS232c cable is out in order to read magnetic field value out to PC104. RS-232c readout parameter is as follows;

Baud rate : 9600bps
Parity    : none
Data bit  : 8bit
Stop bit  : 1bit

Channel Values on EPICS are as follows;

hks:$(mag)_hp_field   : magnetic field (Tesla).
hks:$(mag)_hp_temp    : temperature (degree).
hks:$(mag)_hp_offset  : offset, default is zero.
hks:$(mag)_hp_dfilter : digital filter, 0=off and 1=on.
hks:$(mag)_hp_range   : probe field range, 1=0 - 0.3T, 2=0.3 - 0.6T, 3=0.6 - 1.2T and 4=1.2 - 3T
hks:$(mag)_hp_status  : readout status, 0=O.K., 1=no probe, 2=over range and 10=other error.

where, $(mag) is magnet name; kq1, kq2, eq1, eq2 and spl.