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HKS and HES (HKS-HES) Wiki

This is the Wiki for Jefferson Lab experiments E01-011 and E05-115. Eventually, it should contain detailed descriptions of all hardware and software components.

All information relevant for shift crews should be contained or linked to from the page Shift Crew Information.


Analysis Strategy

Shift Crew Information

On going projects

  • Analysis of E05-115 by Collaboration
  • Publication works of E01-011 by Collaboration


  • Agenda of HKS/HES Collaboration Meeting
  • Date :   March 10 - 11, 2010
  • Place:   JLab, CEBAF CENTER (L102/104)
  • March 10,  E01-011 Analysis, Publication Strategy and Future plan
    • 09:00  Hashimoto        Opening and general remarks Media:OH-201003.pdf
    • 09:30  Yuan&Seva         New Seva-code replay and analysis results

Media:Lulin.pdf Media:TSeva.CollaboratioMarch2010.pdf

    • 14:30  Hashimoto  Publication Strategy, Schedule and Work Assignment
    • 15:30  Tang       General idea about test run of decay p program in Hall A Media:E10-010-20100310.pdf
    • 16:00  Margarian  Tagged-Weak p-Method and TOF with RF-PMT for HpS

Media:Tag-weak.pdf Media:RF-PMT.pdf

    • 16:30 Tang Discussion about future plan (2012 run and further future)
    • 18:00 END Run Party @ Kappo Nara

== Previous meetings


HKS-HES web page is opened at It is opened for public and this Wiki is for JLab user only. The web page information is still just copy of HKS page now, but we will update.

Publications & Documents

  • Proposals
PAC19 E01-011 (HKS)            Media:e01-011.pdf
PAC28 E05-115 (HES)            Media:e05-115.pdf
PAC33 E08-002 (HES extension)  Media:e08-002.pdf
      E08-012 (HpiS)           Media:e08-012.pdf
  • Documents
A survey of hypernuclear physics [3]
50 years of hypernuclear physics: I. The early experiments [4]
50 years of hypernuclear physics. II. The later years [5]
A First- and Second-Order Matrix Theory for the Design of Beam Transport Systems and Charged Particle Spectrometers Karl L. Brown 1982 at SLAC [6]
Pattern Recognition and Event Reconstruction in Particle Physics Experiments, R. Mankel[7]]

Accelerator & Engineering

This section of the HKS-HES Wiki contains an overview of the scope of work being performed by Accelerator and Engineering staff in support of the experiment. The section is divided into system-specific sub-sections.

High resolution Kaon Spectrometer (HKS)

This section contains information about magnets and detectors of the kaon spectrometer.

High resolution Electron Spectrometer (HES)

Targets & Target Control

Splitter Magnet

Operation parameters for Splitter magnet

ENGE Spectrometer

Fission Experiment

This is the experiment (E02-017) which will measure the lifetime of heavy Lambda-hypernuclei that are produced via photo-production using the real photons generated from the HKS target. The experiment will run parasitically with the HKS experiment and the Fission Fragment Detector (FFD) is located just in front of the photon dump for HKS. The FFD contains its own target foil with multiple thin materials, Fe, Cu, Ag, Au, Bi, and U, on a common backing foil (2 microns thick) aluminum-Mylar. In the common chamber, the FFD has two independent pairs of MWPCs to measure the TOFs as well as the trajectories of the fission fragments. The system operates under low pressure (~3 Torrs) with heptane gas.

Technical information associated with the experiment are provided here.



TUL Grouping Trigger

Module arrangement Media:Rack_HallC.pdf



The F1 TDCs are installed in the electronics room of the counting house. One crate operates in high resolution mode, using only 1/2 of the inputs, and the other one in low resolution mode. The F1s are unusual TDCs and have a number of peculiarities that need to be accounted for.

For an overview and all the detail you might want, take a look at this Wiki page from the GEp-III experiment: F1 TDC Details
All the special consideration for that experiment also apply to HKS.

DAQ Configuration and Analysis (link!)

Channel/Cable Mapping


CAEN High Voltage System

We use the CAEN HV crates in the G0 cage on the 2nd floor of the counting house.

Common Sense in Analysis

Physics Parameters for Analysis and Simulation

Coordinate System


Raw data files are analyzed with the HKS/HES Analysis ENGINE, a modified version of the Hall C Analysis ENGINE.

A list of runs can be found in the E05-115 Run List

How to run analysis in cdaq

Ntuple instruction


Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation

Missing Mass Spectra Study using Geant4

HKS-HES Subversion Repository

How-To's & Manuals

  • User
How to operate target ladder :                 Media:target_manual.pdf, Media:tgt-con.pdf (2005)
HKS, ENGE magnet control     : (to be updated) Media:mag-con.pdf
Operation and Tracking of HDC1,2 an,EDC2       Media:hdc-howto.pdf
HTOF and EHOD                : (to be updated) Media:scintillator.pdf
Water Cherenkov              : (to be updated) Media:HKS-Old-WC.pdf
Operation and Tracking of EDC1                 Media:edc-howto.pdf
Sieve Slit Control           : (to be updated) Media:ss-con.pdf
HKS magnets                                    Media:hks-howto.pdf
  • Manuals
HKS Sieve Slit Design                          Media:HKS-ss-design.pdf
KQ1                                            Media:HKS-Q1.pdf
KQ2                                            Media:HKS-Q1.pdf
KD                                             Media:HKS-D.pdf
KD Power Supply (252V, 1254A)                  Media:HKS-D-PS.pdf
F1-TDC paper & Test                            Media:F1-TDC-paper.pdf Media:F1-TDC-test.pdf
EQ1, EQ2, ED                                   Media:HES-Q1-Q2-D.pdf
ED Power Supply (250V, 1100A)                  Media:HES-D-PS.pdf
  • Obsolete for reference only
ENGE SS Design (to be rep. HES Sieve Slit)     Media:ENGE-ss-design.pdf
ENGE magnet  (for reference)                   Media:ENGE-magnet.pdf
ENGE tilt optimization (for reference)         Media:OLD-ENGE-tilt.pdf 
OLD SPL howto (for reference)                  Media:OLD-SPL-howto.pdf 
E01-011 Electronics Doc. (for reference)       Media:E01-011-Electronics-doc.pdf 
  • Expert
HKS Target Ladder Exchange : (to be updated] Media:LadderEx.pdf
HKS Vacuum System          : (to be updated] Media:HKS-Vacuum.pdf



  • Conduct of Operations (COO)
  • Scratchpad to make a new Checklist

Technical Notes

Exit beam shielding for the HKS experiment (Jay Benesch) Media:HKS_seven_mag_results.pdf

Summary of Sieve Slit Simulation (Daisuke Kawama) Media:SSana_Mike.pdf

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