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Three NMR probes will be used to measure the magnetic field of SPL, HKS dipole and HES dipole. These probes are connected to multiprexer (Metrolab 2032) channel A, B and C, respectively, then singals are transfered to a NMR controller (Metrolab PT2025). A communication module (Metrolab RG2040), which has a RS232c and IEEE-488 interfaces, is inserted on the backplane of the controller. NMR data are sent to PC104 by the RS232c communication.

  • RS232c communication configuration is as follows;
Baud Rate : 9600bps
Parity    : none
Data bits : 8 data bits
Stop bit  : 1bit
  • EPICS CA list;
{mag}_nmr_field  : magnetic field (Tesla)
{mag}_nmr_status : status (1:locked, 2: unlocked, 3:signal, 4:wrong)

where, {mag} is kd, ed or spl.