Operation parameters for Splitter magnet

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This is a summary of SPL TOSCA calculation fot Geant4 simulation.

Last modified : May13, 2009 revised Aug 24

Bacic Parameters
Max. Current (A)                  1020
Number of Turn                    210
Total Current (A)                 214200
Parameters in TOSCA
Scaling Factor                    1.00
Current in Model (A)              954 (<- 1020)

Total Current in Model (A)        214200
TOSCA Analysis Results
Model File (.op3)                 Spl21Jan09_Pipe_connected_mod
Map File (.table)                 SPL_12May09
Field Strength in TOSCA           To be filled
Calculated value from BI curve    17000 G (<- 17405 G)
HP/NMR coordinate (cm)            To be filled