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We need to monitor the magnetic field of all magnets, magnet power supply status, sieve slit location and so on. There apparatus are put inside hall, so we have to control them from counting room. For this purpose, we employ EPICS. We use two PC104s (hcpc10401 and hcpc10402) for this purpose.

HKS-Q2, HES-Q1 and SPL magnet PS communications are done by Acc.

Port assignment of each PC104s are as follows:

 hcpc10401 ---- ttyS4  Stepping motor encoder x 3 (Sieve Slits/ Target)
            |-- ttyS5  HKS-Q1 PS
            |-- ttyS7  HES-Q2 PS
 hcpc10402 ---- ttyS0  HES-D PS
            |-- ttyS4  Hall Probe controller x 5 (HKS-Q1,Q2, HES-Q1,Q2 and SPL)
            |-- ttyS5  NMR controller (HES-D / SPL)
            |-- ttyS8  NMR controller (HKS-D)
            |-- ttyS11 HKS-D PS
  • How to boot an EPICS program
    • Login to hcpc10401 or hcpc10402 by cvxwrks account. Password is same as cdaq machines and might be written on a white board at the HallC counting room.
    • Go to /nfs/home/cvxwrks/R3.14.6/base/iocboot/iochks/
    • Execute ./ep1_nfs (./ep2_nfs) for hcpc10401 (hcpc10402)

Before you try to boot an EPICS program, Please check whether other EPICS program is already running or not. Two or more EPICS programs running cause communication problem. If an EPICS program is already running, you can see many "../../hksApp/src/O.linux-x86/hks" when you execute ps command.

  • How to boot control GUI
    • Login to any cdaq PCs by cvxwrks account. Password is same as the cdaq account.
    • Go to /home/cvxwrks/hks-epics
    • Execute ./mag-control.tcl for magnet PS control and ./sst-control.tcl for sieve slit and target control.

Once communication was broken, you have to quit the GUI then boot again.