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Experiment E01-011 (HKS) employed a CVS repository for version control of analysis code (ENGINE). On xx May 2009, the content of the repository was moved into a Subversion repository.

How to checkout the legacy E01-011 analyzer from CVS

Unless you're a historian, you should not do this. You will get an outdated analyzer

On 31 May 2009, the most current version was tagged Release-Lulin-2006_11_16. The date 11/16/2006 reflects the last time a change has been committed to the repository. This is the version that has been used to create the spectra released in October 2008. It can be checked out from the CVS repository as follows:

setenv CVSROOT /group/hks/e01011soft
cvs checkout -r Release-Lulin-2006_11_16 e01011src
cvs checkout -r Release-Lulin-2006_11_16 e01011-replay

You might want to do this from inside a dedicated directory.

For reference, here are the general instructions

Set the environment variable CVSROOT in your .cshrc or login file: If you're working on one of the Jlab CUE machines, the following should do:

setenv CVSROOT /group/hks/e01011soft

If you're working from offsite or a computer that does not mount /group, the do

setenv CVSROOT <yourname>@cvs.jlab.org:/group/hks/e01011soft

If required, set one more thing,

setenv CVS_RSH ssh

Before checking out CVS, make sure you are one of members of c-hks group in /w/work1801/hks. If you can create any directory, it is ok. If not, ask Steve to add your username on c-hks group.

Make your analysis directory. For example, assume the name is $ana$. Go to $ana$ directory. Then,

cvs checkout e01011src
cvs checkout e01011-replay

Then, source code directory and replay directory is created.

Go to e01011src directory, edit Makefile.in to change $OFFLINE$ in the 1st line. If your code is in /work/hallc/hks/$<$yourname$>$/ana/e01011src, then change it to


Then, go to your e01011-replay directory. Go to SRC. There is no more $OFFLINE$ parameter in Makefile. Make sure INCLUDE and LIB are used for compilation in SRC.

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