Fission Experiment

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1. Target design, construction, and geometrical survey w.r.t LPMWPC: Media:Target_Frame.pdf

2. MWPC system without target (Photos): Media:MWPCs_Without_Target_01.jpg; and Media:MWPCs_Without_Target_02.jpg

3. MWPC system with target (Photos): Media:MWPCs_With_Target_01.jpg; Media:MWPCs_With_Target_02.jpg; and Media:MWPCs_With_Target_03.jpg

4. DAQ/Electronics scheme: Media:E02-017_DAQ.pdf

5. FFD/HKS photon dump support: Media:Fission chamber assy.pdf; and Media:Support.jpg

6. Coordinate plane geometry (Unit=mm): Media:Coordinate_Frame.png

7. 2005 report (Sharmalee Randeniya) that contains information about calibration with Cf252 source: Media:delays_Randeniya_cf252.pdf

8. 2005 report (Michael Ispiryan) that contains information about geometry of FFD: Media:ff_time_geometry_Ispiryan.pdf

9. 2009 Re-commissioning Report (prior to the hall installation): Media:FFD_Summary_Report_2009.pdf