High resolution Kaon Spectrometer (HKS)

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The HKS magnets have been manufactured at Mitsubishi Electric Co. and the field mapping is under way. In the following sections, the design principle and the performance of the magnets are described.

KQ1-KQ2 Magnets

KD Magnet

Operation parameters for HKS magnets

Sieve Silt and Collimator

Media:Sieve Slit Drawing1-3.pdf
Media:Sieve Slit Drawing4-6.pdf

Detector Systems

Drift Chambers

HDC1 and HDC2 were fully commissioned during E01-011 run in 2005. After the HKS runs, those chambers were used for the G0 experiment. Now they are now supplied voltage to check if anything is changed after E01-011.


The following document generalize the preliminary "How-To" of both HKS and HES drift chamber. Media:HKS_HES DC.pdf

The following documents are HDC1&2 and EDC2 MAP. Media:HDC1&2 wire map08202009.pdf Media:HDC1&2 CABLE MAP08202009.pdf Media:EDC2_CABLE_MAP08202009.pdf Media:EDC2_WIREMAP08202009.pdf

The cable map is the relationship between the lable of cable and the Amplifier-Discriminator card, The wire map is the relationship between TDC channel and wire number.


Except for HTF1Y. No modification will be made. HTF1X, 2X are fully commissioned in E01-011.

It was found that 1~6% of events are lost due to the space between HTF1Y counters. In order to recover the loss, we renew the design of light guide and make them staggered configuration. Light guides are designed and now fabricated in Japan. HTF1Y with new lightguides will be assembled in January 2009.


Aerogel Čerenkov

An aerogel Čerenkov detector is used for pion suppression.

Water Cerenkov

Lucite Cerenkov

We have finished lucite test before going to hall, and the document is shown in the attached file.

Media:Lucite document.pdf

The Geometry of Lucite Plane on HKS platform: