Nanometric N277

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Nanometric Systems, Incorporated N-277, 16 Channel Amplifier & Discriminator



THRESHOLD 500 nano-amp. ±75 nano amps (Set by external voltage; 1 volt = 1 u amp.). Input impedance Rin is 330 ohms
POLARITY Both positive and negative inputs are provided. Each input is protected with two diodes connected to ground. Always ground all unused inputs in order to minimize the input noise.
NOISE 100 hz for 16 channels: 400 hz maximum for an individual channel Test conditions: Threshold 0.5 volts; negative inputs shunted by 50 ohms; positive inputs grounded.
TIME WALK 8.5 nano-sec maximum, 6.5 nano-sec. typical average. Test conditions: Threshold 0.5 volts. Test pulses 1.3 and 6.5 micro-amps.
CROSSTALK Adjacent channels, greater than 30 db, Non adjacent channels over 40 db.
FAST OR OUTPUTS Delivers -0.6 ma from a current source, i.e. -30 mv into 50 ohms.
SIGNAL OUTPUTS Drives 16 differential ECL lines into a 34 conductor ribbon cable. 50 nano second pulse width: limits the cable length to less than 150 feet!
TEST PULSE INPUT The test pulse applies a signal to the input of every channel. Boards are supplied with the negative test pulses enabled. A jumper wire selects either positive or negative test pulse inputs
POWER 350 mw per channel. Protected against accidental power reversal! Total power for a 16 channel card: +5 volts 0.4 amp: -5 volts 0.68 amp.
N-277-C Positive and Negative inputs; Rin = 330 ohms.
N-277-C3 Negative inputs Rin = 330 ohms. Positive inputs grounded. FERMILAB standard.
N277-CD Positive and Negative inputs; Rin = 56 ohms. May be used as a silicon detector line amp/disc. With line input impedance of 112 ohms.
N277L L indicates two power connectors, on the input and output side of the card. REPLACES LeCroy part number 2735PC.