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Shift Crew Tasks

  • Keep taking data!
  • Monitor BPM, SLI and status of FFB system.
  • Place screen shots of BPM, BCM, and SLI into logbook at least once every two hours.
  • Write a Shift Summary, however, still post everything to HCLOG the moment it happens.
  • Provide accurate Beam Time Accounting

Important Links:

Electronic Logbook akaHCLOG

Record any shift activities here. The following are a few guidelines:

  • Always use the same User Name (makes searches easier)
  • Provide a meaningful searchable title
  • Log any changes to the trigger or coda run configuration in a separate entry.
  • Log any call from or to MCC
  • Log any change of Hall status (Controlled, Restricted, ...)
  • Log any problem the moment it occurs
    • Unless you can fix it within 5 minutes, don't wait for the solution. Log it now!
    • Once the problem is solved write a "Followup"
  • During extended beam outs or hall problems provide status updates at least once an hour
    • Check the ELOG from time to time and post relevant information on HCLOG (ELOG cannot be easily read from offsite.

Expert ELOG: only for detailed offline analysis

Data Acquisition Online Analysis High Voltage Target Controls Magnet Controls Gas Handling System


Must read:




Magnet Controls



Slit/Collimator Motion

High Voltage

HV Channel Map

HV Group Map

Beam position monitors (BPMs)


Slow Controls

The Epics Archiver

Scalers plot program

restore HV settings

Hall A HV trip recovery


General Hall C How-tos

Beam Time Accounting Software

Alarm Response

Gas Handling System


Scan shift checklist in hclog


Starting and running CODA

ROC connection & rebooting

DATAMON & LifeTime display: ~/hks09/tcl/livetime.tcl &

Changing prescale factors


Running Online Analyzer

Online Analysis Tools

Creating ADC Threshold File


Run Plans

Pre-commissioning 8/12/09 - 8/19/09


BPM Display:

  • login to cvxwrks@cdaql1-6, and do:
cd ~/MEDM/bpms
medm -x hks_bpm_nooffset.adl

The main thing to look at is the IPM3H03A and IPM3H03B xy plots which are the BPMs on the girder just before the target.

It could be improved. It would probably be good to also show IPM3H02A IPM3H02B and IPM3H03C which are BPMs between the DZ and the FZ magnets.

View some EPICS variables on

Accelerator Stuff

Monticello: from the cadq machines