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TUL refers to Tohoku Universal Logic module. For E01-011 and E05-115, quite complicated trigger like grouping trigger is adopted. Conventional NIM logic is less flexible and reproducability of changing the logic is not trivial and quick debugging is almost impossible for such a complicated system.

We designed a flexible logic module based on Altera FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), APEX20K300EOC240-1X [[1]]. It contains 11,520 Logic Elements, 4 PLLs, Max300MHz internal clock, 152 I/O which costs only $3000 per module though it is equivalent to hundreds of NIM modules.


The TUL-8040 equipped with:
NIM 4 + 12 Inputs, ECL/LVDS 64 inputs = total 80 inputs
Dip switch 8bits, rotary switch 4bits
ROM EPC8QC100 chip can be used for nonvolatile storage of the FPGA program which can be downloaded through JTAG cable.

Output signals are:
NIM 8ch + ECL 32ch = total 40 channels.
LED 4 bits

The module is VME(6U) two span and it requires only 5V power line. Power comsumption is 2.5A.

The FPGA programming is performed by Quartus II software using Verilog and GUI.


It can be programmed in synchronized circuit as well as asynchronous circuit which is convenient for make such as mean-timer circuit.

Here is a presentation given by Takahashi at XPF2003.Media:TUL-Takahashi.pdf(in Japanese)