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Water Cell Target WaterTargetDiagram.jpg

Here is drawings of water cell target test.Media:WCT-Test.pdf

Solid Targets Design of the plate for targets mount. Media:Ladder-Plate.pdf

Quotation of enriched Li6 and Li7 Media:QuoteLi6-7.pdf

  • Lithium target should avoid air!
Li in moisture air in even room temperature reacts with nitrogen.
  6 Li + 3 N_2 ->  2 Li_3N
Lithium nitrode reacts with water in room temperature, and gives
lithium hydroxide (white solid) and ammonia
  Li_3N + 3 H_2O -> 3 LiOH + NH_3
Therefore, Li left in air for a while will be white and smell bad. 

  • Targets list in hand

E01-011 Solid targets on the ladder : Stored at Radiation Container

  1. 1 BeO
  2. 2 Li7  DISPOSED
  3. 3 Pb
  4. 4 Li6  DISPOSED
  5. 5 B10
  6. 6 Si28 (65mg/cm2, enriched)

Enriched Li7 and Li6 : ordered by Dave.

At C110

Si28 (from Russia, 80mg/cm2)

Cr52 (enriched from Sugai-san)

BeO (0.5 mm)
Si28 (from Russia), Si(nat)
B11 two pieces
Lots of  Be9 (1mm thick)

Operation You can boot the control GUI by following procedure;

*Login to any cdaq machines (cdaql1 - cdaql6) by cvxwrks account. Password is same as cdaq's one (you might find if you look the white board at counting room).
*"> cd /home/cvxwrks/hksEpics/R3.14.6/base/hksApp/src/" (location might be change)

, then pop a GUI window up as shown follows. HKS and HES Sieve Slit control menus are also listed on the window, but never click control buttons except for authorized users.


There are three categories on the GUI menu; Position, Control List and Status. The position indicates where beam hits on the ladder. if the position indicates similar value on the control button, it means beam hits that target. Twelve buttons are listed on the control category; home, water cell and six solid targets #1 - #6 in position, +-1mm move for the fine tuning, all out for target folder exchange and emergency stop. The ladder inserts from left side of the beamline. Water cell and #1 - #6 solid targets are located from right to left. + direction is the ladder in and - direction is out. Target-ladder.jpg