Compton Meeting, October 31, 2012 (L210A)

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1. Dial Toll-Free Number: 866-740-1260 (U.S. & Canada)
2. International participants dial:
Toll Number: 303-248-0285=
Or International Toll-Free Number:
3. Enter your 7-digit access code, followed by “#”

 --> our access code is 3227471

"Spooky" Agenda

Meeting room, L210A


  • Best costume contest
  • DNP meeting discussion
  • Qweak collaboration meeting in 2 weeks - suggested topics
    • Polarimetry overview (at Mark Pitt's suggestion)
    • Photon detector analysis update (with "absolute" polarizations?)
    • Electron detector update (AN and VT analysis comparisons)
  • Pass 2 analysis progress


  • Laser is totally off.

Electron Detector

  • What tasks remain for decision on whether to use 2 or 3 parameter fits?
  • Moller-Compton-Moller data with and without noise subtraction

Photon Detector

  • Tasks
    • Analytic calculation of analyzing power with continuous fit to non-linearity
    • Lead-tungstate in MC
  • Has anyone measured the lead yet?

"Frightening Account of Events"

Attendance: Dave Gaskell (chair), Mark Dalton, Amrendra Narayan, Juan Carlos Cornejo (minutes), Don Jones, Dipunkar Dutta, Vladas Tvaskis

  • Costume Winner: DD, something about a wig.. :)
  • DNP Discussion
    • Moller results received the most question about how accurate they agree.
      • results shown still needs corrections such as beam position, etc..
      • The statistics will dictate that they should not all agree.
      • Dalton: requests that we provide better plots that non-experts can show to the public (all agree)
  • Qweak Collaboration talks
    • Gaskell: Overview talk
      • Global plans for Compton, Moller, etc..
      • Compton will focus on Run2
    • Magee: Moller talk
    • Cornejo: "Absolute" polarization for Photon Detector
    • Narayan: Comparison between Narayan and Tvasky's analysis
      • Tvaskis: wants to show updated systematic table. Gaskell will work on this.
  • Pass2:
    • Something wrong with eDet?
    • Will start Pass 2 tomorrow @ 2PM, rain or shine!
  • Laser (skipped, off, nothing new)
  • Electron Detector
    • Tvaskis: Shows eDet elog 434
      • Result of 2 and 3 parameter fits and comparison.
      • Does not include noise corrections. These results forthcoming...
    • Dutta: Update on looking at lack of conversion on some 3-parameter fit for some runs.
      • Uses 3-parameter fit with 3rd parameter being additive in stead of multiplicative
        • Controversy with this technique. Not settled.
  • Photon Detector (skipped)