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This page contains a list of analysis tasks that need to be done to quote a polarization number for the electron detector. Items that overlap for electron and photon were copied from the photon detector list

Run list

  • Have we identified the major breaks in the data taking (high voltage changes, spot moves, lead thickness, etc)?
  • Is this information accessible and verifiable?
  • Do we have a list of runs that are supposed to be 'production quality'?
  • Modification of this list will continue after replay.

Replay of data

  • Do we have the best BCM and BPM calibrations? Are they active in the analyzer for the appropriate run range?
  • Are the replay level cuts implemented and verified? Eliminating overflow (255), excess hits etc
  • Do we have analysis scripts for all quantities? Beam charge asymmetry, beam position, beam slope at interaction point, electronic noise?
  • Do we have the ability to look at all quantities on laser cycle level?

Hits Spectra per laser cycle

  • Do we have hits spectra per laser cycle?
  • Are there correlations between strip hit rates and beam position, beam slope etc
  • Are the singles and 2/3 rates consistent?
  • What to do with misbehaving and or noisy strips
  • Are there scripts to determine Compton edge strip?
  • Is the Compton edge stable between laser cycles?

Asymmetry per laser cycle

  • What is the asymmetry per laser cycle?
  • Is the strip-by-strip asymmetry consistent?
  • What to do with strips with unusual variations in the asymmetry?
  • Are there correlations (as expected) between asymmetry and beam position, beam slope per laser cycle?

QED Asymmetry curve

  • What is the exact distance of each plane from the 3rd dipole?
  • What is the distance of the Compton edge from the beam?
  • Do we have the best x - to - rho conversion?

Polarization per laser cycle

  • What is the best method to fit the QED curve to the measured asymmetry curve?
  • Is the geometry parameter (2nd parameter) consistent between planes and stable between laser cycles?
  • What is the variation in polarization due to finite strip width?
  • What is the polarization per laser cycle?

Polarization per slug

  • What is the weighted mean asymmetry per slug?
  • What is the polarization per slug?


  • Comparison of the photon polarization over electron polarization per slug: ratio, difference, pull plot.
  • Comparison of the electron polarization over Moller polarization.

Monte Carlo studies