Pin mappings in Mezzanine A395D

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The Pin mapping needed in the vhdl code for using the A395D[8 NIM/TTL input/output channels] as an Output:

LEMO pin # F port mapping
pin 7 F(29)
pin 6 F(13)
pin 5 F(28)
pin 4 F(12)
pin 3 F(17)
pin 2 F(1)
pin 1 F(16)
pin 0 F(0)

For using the same as Input, the following mapping is needed instead (verified individually).

LEMO pin # F port mapping
pin 7 F(31)
pin 6 F(15)
pin 5 F(30)
pin 4 F(14)
pin 3 F(19)
pin 2 F(3)
pin 1 F(18)
pin 0 F(2)