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===Electron Detector Setup===
===Electron Detector Setup===
#[[Nomenclature Conventions]]
#[[Nomenclature Conventions]]
#[[Pin Plan of v1495]]
#Pin Plan of v1495
## [[Slave v1495]]
## [[Master v1495]]
#[[Library of functions]]
#[[Library of functions]]
#[[Signal Flow Layout]]
#[[Signal Flow Layout]]

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Layout 2009.gif


  1. Laser and Cavity
  2. Electron Detector
    1. Test Box
    2. Shielded Flex Cables
  3. Q-Weak Amplifier Discriminator
  4. Photon Detector
  5. Chicane

Data Acquisition

Electron Detector Setup

  1. Nomenclature Conventions
  2. Pin Plan of v1495
    1. Slave v1495
    2. Master v1495
  3. Library of functions
  4. Signal Flow Layout
  5. Output data structure in CODA
  6. Generic info: v1495
    1. burning new firmware in v1495
    2. pin mappings in Mezzanine A395D

Firmware Revision History

All the documented firmware revisions that are updated here, can be found in the SVN mentioning their revision numbers.

  1. 2005: fully working and checked with Readout.
  2. 2006[Jan 29 '10]: added an added feature of minimum width rejection in the Reconditioning module of the firmware


1. on-line analysis

2. off-line analysis

3. Simulation

Working Group Meetings

  • November 8, 2009:
   9:00  Project Overview and Status (D. Gaskell) -->(pptx)
   9:20  Dipole and Chicane (DG for E. Ihloff)
   9:40  Laser Status (M. Dalton) --> (pdf)
  10:10  Electron Detector Overview (D. Dutta) --> (pdf)
  10:40  Electron detector readout (A. Narayan) --> (pptx, pdf)
  11:00  Photon Detector, readout, and analysis (W. Deconinck) --> (pdf)
  11:30  Polarimeter commissioning (All)