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2. [[Expert procedures]]
2. [[Expert procedures]]
3. [[Beam off: Compton shut down and restart]]
== Q-weak Running ==
== Q-weak Running ==

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  1. Laser and Cavity
  2. Electron Detector
  3. Photon Detector
  4. Chicane

Data Acquisition

The data acquisition for the Compton polarimeter test stand is running on c-compton.jlab.org. There is a VNC server running on this machine using the standard cdaq password. Use vncviewer c-compton.jlab.org to access the desktop.

  1. Compton Data Acquisition Overview
  2. Electron Detector DAQ
  3. Photon Detector DAQ


1. on-line analysis

2. off-line analysis

3. Simulation


1. Shift crew procedures

2. Expert procedures

3. Beam off: Compton shut down and restart

Q-weak Running

  1. Hardware changes
  1. Q-weak Runlist

Working Group Meetings

  • November 8, 2009:
   9:00  Project Overview and Status (D. Gaskell) -->(pptx)
   9:20  Dipole and Chicane (DG for E. Ihloff)
   9:40  Laser Status (M. Dalton) --> (pdf)
  10:10  Electron Detector Overview (D. Dutta) --> (pdf)
  10:40  Electron detector readout (A. Narayan) --> (pptx, pdf)
  11:00  Photon Detector, readout, and analysis (W. Deconinck) --> (pdf)
  11:30  Polarimeter commissioning (All)