Compton Polarimeter

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  1. Laser and Cavity
  2. Electron Detector
  3. Photon Detector
  4. Chicane

Data Acquisition

The data acquisition for the Compton polarimeter test stand is running on There is a VNC server running on this machine using the standard cdaq password. Use vncviewer to access the desktop.

  1. Compton Data Acquisition Overview
  2. Electron Detector DAQ
  3. Photon Detector DAQ


1. on-line analysis

2. off-line analysis

3. Simulation


1. Shift crew procedures

2. Expert procedures

Q-weak Running

  1. Hardware changes
  1. Q-weak Runlist

Working Group Meetings

  • November 8, 2009:
   9:00  Project Overview and Status (D. Gaskell) -->(pptx)
   9:20  Dipole and Chicane (DG for E. Ihloff)
   9:40  Laser Status (M. Dalton) --> (pdf)
  10:10  Electron Detector Overview (D. Dutta) --> (pdf)
  10:40  Electron detector readout (A. Narayan) --> (pptx, pdf)
  11:00  Photon Detector, readout, and analysis (W. Deconinck) --> (pdf)
  11:30  Polarimeter commissioning (All)