E-Detector Assembly

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  • If the vacuum-can was transparent, the overall picture of the electron detector system is elaborated by edet connection layout. The DAQ setup can be found on the wiki at [[1]]
  • The e-detector vacuum-can was surveyed on Sept 09 '10. The latest dimensions as available to us for the electron detector vacuum-can are shown in the picture. This picture shows the bottom edge of the detector plate 1 ( upstream plate )

Survey view dimensions.png

  • The strip chart showing which detector strip connects to which QWAD channel is shown in the following picture for beam left connection.

Strip chart.JPG

The following image file shows the strip chart showing the detector strips which connect to the beam right connector. Edet Strip chart beamright.JPG

  • The uninstalled picture of Vacuum Can that holds the detector assembly, with the QWAD's attached to the top of it can be seen at Vacuum-can outlook