5-pass optics for A1n

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 - To calibrate angle and ytar reconstruction of HMS/SHMS spectrometers.
 - Time: estimate 8 hours of 40uA beam total.
 - Beam Current:   40 uA CW, 0.5mm raster 
 - HMS setting: 30. deg, momentum: -2.0 GeV/c
 - SHMS setting: 30. deg, momentum: -2.0 GeV/c
 - Target:      Carbon Optics
 - Trigger:     3/4 trigger in both arms
 - Collimators: HMS (Sieve), SHMS (Centered Sieve)
 - Assume that the beam center checkout is complete.
 - Set HMS/SHMS magnets to -2.0 GeV/c and they are at 30 deg.
 - Insert HMS Sieve and SHMS Centered Sieve.
 - Insert Carbon Optics target
 - Ask for 40uA and 0.5mm raster size.
 - Take one hour runs. 
 - At 40uA need 8 hours*40uA = 1.1C of beam.