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Tensor Azz Experiment

TAzz is a proposal to measure the deuteron tensor asymmetry Azz in Jefferson Lab's Hall C.

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Relevant Publications

JLab proposals and other experiments

  • Elastic electron deuteron scattering on a tensor polarized solid ND 3 target. B. Boden et al, Z.Phys. C49 (1991) 175. (link) (pdf)
  • Proposal for the Measurement of the (e,e'p) Cross Section on Tensor Polarized Deuterium. H. Anklin, W. Boeglin et al., PR97-102, PAC13 rated A- (pdf)
  • Proposal to measure t11 in elastic e-D scattering at JLab. J. Mitchell et al. (1994, not submitted) (pdf)
  • Status of the T20 Experiment at VEPP-3. S.G. Popov et al. (pdf).
  • Measurement of the Tensor Structure Function b1 of the Deuteron. A. Airapetian et al.(HERMES Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 242001 (2005) (link)
  • The Deuteron Tensor Structure Function b1. K. Slifer et al. (2013) (link)

Target Physics

  • Polarized H,D and 3He Targets for Particle Physics Experiments. St. Goertz, W. Meyer and G. Reicherz. Prog. Part. and Nucl. Phys. 49 (2002) 403. (link)
  • Tensor Polarized Deuteron Targets for intermediate energy physics experiments. W. Meyer and E. Schilling BONN-HE-85-06. (pdf)
  • Dynamic Orientation of Nuclei at Low Temperatures W. de Boer CERN-74-11. (pdf)
  • Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Polarized Target Materials and Techniques, ("The Greenbook"), Universitat Bonn portrait landscape
  • Results of Research Run 11/30/99 -2/11/10 S. Bultmann, D. G. Crabb, Y. Prok., University of Virginia (2000). (pdf)
  • Tensor Polarization Enhancement in Nuclear Solid Targets S. Bultmann, D. G. Crabb, Y. Prok., University of Virginia (2000). (pdf)
  • Direct measurement of the tensor polarization of a polarized deuteron target. G.R. Smith et al. Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A254 (1987) 263 (link)
  • The frozen spin orientation of deuterium nuclei irradiated at radio-frequencies. P.P.J. Delheij et al. Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A251 (1986) 498 (link)

Theory and Talks

  • Novel Physics with Tensor Polarized Targets K. Slifer and E. Long e-Print: arXiv:1311.4835 [nucl-ex ] (2013)
  • Inclusive deuteron electrodisintegration with polarized electrons and a polarized target W. Leidemann, E.L. Tomusiak, H. Arenhovel Phys.Rev.C43(1991)1022. (link)
  • Asymmetries in e − nucleon Inclusive Scattering for All Combinations of Beam and Target Polarizations, Including Electroweak Interference. by O. Rondon. (pdf)
  • Nonvanishing tensor polarization of sea quark in polarized deuterons by Nikolaeva and Schafer (pdf)
  • Tensor-polarized quark and antiquark distribution functions in a spin-one hadron by S. Kumano PRD 82, 017501 (2010) (pdf)
  • Hard nuclear processes and microscopic nuclear structure by L. Frankfurt and M. Strikman Phys.Rept. 160, 235-427 (1988)
  • Testing light-cone dynamics of deuteron and nuclear core using tensor polarized deuteron: T20=Azz by M. Strikman Tensor Workshop (2014) (link)
  • Azz in Quasielastic and Deep Inelastic Scattering at x>1 by M. Sargsian Tensor Workshop (2014) (link)


  • Measurement of Deuteron Tensor Polarization in Elastic Electron Scattering K. Gustafsson (link)

Technical Notes

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