Backout Checklist after Target Work inside Enclosure

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Please fill up this check list every time before close up for He3 enclosure.

  • Cell alignment laser/optics setup removal
    1. Make sure the pen laser with the mount are removed
    2. Make sure the mirror and/or survey target are removed
    3. Make sure the survey mark is removed
  • He3 Cell
    1. He3 Cell Status (integrity, color)
    2. 5 RTDs on He3 Cell Target Chamber, 2 on the transfer tube
    3. Check Oven Leak
  • Reference Cell
    1. Reference Cell Status(integrity, color)
    2. 3 RTDs on Ref Cell
  • Target Ladder
    1. Check the ladder status (integrity, color, is there any burn mark?)
  • Beam Window Covers
    1. Take down the protective cover on the Upstream Beam Window, check window status
    2. Take down the protective cover on the DownStream Beam Window, check window status
  • Cooling Jets
    1. Cooling jets for cell windows: ON? Direction Correct?
    2. Cooling jets for beamline windows: ON? Direction Correct?
  • Other
    1. No tools or unnecessary items left in chamber
    2. Cables are still secured?