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Disk space allocation directories for the CaFe experiment. For additional info on filesystems, see:

Hall C cdaq-cluster filesystems

1. main directory (for online analyzer, DBs, replay scripts, etc.):


2. output directory (ROOTfiles, REPORT_OUTPUT, PDF files, etc.):

  • Please do take special care to avoid modifying any files outside of your ~/cafe-2022 directory.
  • File storage directories during the online analysis of CaFe.
  • There is a README in the first directory with a few notes.
  • It is recommended to make a '~/cafe-2022/go_analysis_cafe' shell script that sets up your environment from scratch. For example, no changes/additions to anything in ~/bin, changes to init files like .tcshrc, .bashrc, etc, text editor config files, etc.

Farm/CUE disk allocations

/volatile/hallc/c-cafe-2022/            ( 4 TB high quota; 2 TB guarantee )
  • Files are NOT backed-up
  • Use for all large file output from analysis or simulation jobs. When guarantee threshold is exceeded it is possible to have files auto-cleaned up (removed). See policy:
  • Files you want to keep should be pushed to tape using jput
/work/hallc/c-cafe-2022/ directory ( 1TB  quota )
  • Files are NOT backed up.
  • Good place for analysis software, database files, etc.
  • These files should be in GitHub or have similar backups.
  • Nothing that matters should be stored only on /work.
/group/c-cafe-2022/ directory     ( 100GB quota )
  • Backed up regularly.
  • Best place for analysis/replay scripts; software that is being actively developed, etc. (But, still use GitHub!)

Tape allocations

  • tape volume for analysis output (ie. simulation output, replay output that you want to keep long-term, etc.)
  • tape volume for raw data output (ie. production CODA files from the Hall)
  • Raw data are NOT accessible directly from tape. To make them accessible, they must be copied over to cache.

Cache allocations