F2/XEM Mar 6, 2018 9:00am

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Accelerator is down, initial estimate is ~2 weeks however there isa large uncertainty in this estimate..

  • Abel showed some results: [1]

looked at data to MC comparisons for E’ = 4.5, 5.1 and showed the normalized yield for various momentum settings. various PID cuts and target correction cuts applied. Suggested to utilized the 3/4 trigger efficiency. Currently cutting on BCM 1 & 2, however it was noticed that he should be utilizing BCM 4 as well as cutting on the BCM. Sangwha will work with Abel on this.

  • Fernando showed some results: [2]

Testing low momentum calibrations as applied to high momentum calibration runs. Compared this to the defocused run calibration. Appears that the two were exactly identical. Suggested to take the ratio of the two histograms.

  • Abishek reported that he will provide Abel with the necessary run by run DC calibrations.