F2/XEM Mar 9, 2018 9:00am

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Sangwha - produced output needed for incorporating BCM information in event tree. Short discussion of how this works (1st pass through data generates text file with event number info and BCM info, then use macro to incorporate this into your event tree). Dave G. requested a script that will cycle through the scaler tree and give total integrated charge for a given BCM cut (match this with the cut one uses on the data).

Abishek - working with Eric P. on DC calibration code. The t0 fitting fails pretty badly sometimes, even for time distributions that look ok. In investigating this, Eric has written a lot of code and is most of the way to a new calibration routine. Some discussion about whether it was necessary to correct for difference in trace length on discrminator cards - Eric C. says should be 0.5 ns at most. Ignore it for now, but Eric C. will gather the needed info.

Fernando - Looked at a single run (P=4 GeV) with 2 different calorimeter calibrations (defocused run and a normal run at 2 GeV). Neither was terrific, but the calibration from the defocused run was worse. I sort of spaced out and lost track of the path forward here - some discussion of parameterizing the peak offset and width vs. momentum. Highest priority is to get useful calibrations for data/MC comparisons - do that first before getting too bogged down in understanding exactly how often we need to calibrate.

Simona - Showed updated plots of ADC time in the NGCER. Adding a cut to get rid of the small pulse-amplitude events gets rid of the 2nd time peak. Simona says the 2nd peak doesn't look like a reflection when checking on the scope. Still sort of a mystery I guess, but in the end, we can use timing cuts to get rid of the 2nd peak if we need to. DG comment not discussed in meeting: Abishek looked at the NGCER efficiencies a little when applying timing cuts, and the effects could be significant. However, we weren't able to optimize the cuts much to determine the optimal efficiency/pion-rejection trade-off before Abishek had to move on to other things.