Hall C Alarm Handler

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Bring up the Hall C Alarm handler by running this command while logged in as cdaq

 % go_alarmhandler

Once it is running you should do three things!

  • Right-click on the Window title bar and select Always on Top
  • Right-click on the Window title bar and select Always on Visible Workspace
  • Test the alarm sound by clicking on the Alarm Handler 'button' and picking Setup:Test Beep Sound

The alarm handler itself runs from this location: cvxwrks@cdaql1:alarm_handler/

If it Alarms

  • The button will turn Red
  • You will hear a persistent beep sound that is different than the target.

Investigate / Resolve the alarm by doing the following:

  1. Click on the (Red) Hall_C button and you will see a screen that displays all of the monitored settings. At least one of them will should be red.
  2. If it was a transient, then you can clear the alarm by clicking on the red 'leaf'.
  3. If it is persistent, then you should probably call the Run Coordinator for guidance.
You may click the 'Silence 30 minutes' button ONLY.  Do NOT check the Silence current button.
NOTE: For TARGET GUI alarm handler, go to the Hall C Cryotarget Screen (always open on Target Computer) and click on "ALARMS"