Hall C YAG Viewer

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To bring up the Hall C YAG viewer camera do the following:

  • Run 'jmenu' on a Hall C machine
  • Search for yag
  • Select "Viewer Commander (Ordered)"
  • On that screen go to the top left field: you will see "Crosspoint Video Control"
  • Click the first ! (exclamation mark) next to YAG 3H07
 Note: if YAG 3H07 cannot be found, contact MCC and ask them to insert the viewer and cross post a snapshot to the HCLog
  • Select "Live BC4 (adviewer)"

  • An example log entry
  • Showing raster on and raster off (bottom).
  • Don't want to see a tail (like a comet).
  • With the raster on you want to see a more rectangular shape.