Instructions for monitoring and analysis during shift

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Instructions for CT Experiment (E12-06-107)

1. Keep an eye on the Hall C Scaler Data GUI and make sure the rates with beam ON are steady

2. In the middle of the run, check online plots for the detectors

  Login to cdaql1 machine and go to hallc_replay directory:
  > ssh cdaql1 
  > go_analysis 
  for SHMS detector check: ./ <run_number>
  for HMS detector check: ./ <run_number>

3. After full run, check the Good events and Update the file on Google docs

a. Login to cdaql1 machine
b. Update the file " standard.Kinematics " : usually opened in HIGH VOLTAGE Monitor (HCDESK 2 )

  path : 
c. Analyze the run with :
 ./hcana -q "SCRIPTS/COIN/PRODUCTION/replay_production_coin_hElec_pProt.C(<run number>,-1)"  
at the end of the run scroll up and note down any missing reference times
d. Run the script
  ./UTIL_CT/ <run_number> <target>
   <target> = h or c
  This will spit out the number of good events in the run and two pages of histograms
  Update the counts in the file  [on Google docs] and on the whiteboard
 Compare with golden histograms found at : 
 [CT analysis page]
e. Run the script
  ./UTIL_CT/ <run_number> <target>
   <target> = h, c, or d for hydrogen, carbon, or dummy
   This will update a database (ROOTfiles/coin_monitor.root) that keeps track of
   PS6 live time, yield, PID&tracking efficiency, and 3/4 trigger efficiency for each run.
   Plots of these quantities will pop up, and you should make sure that they have not fluctuated.
   You can press the up arrow and changes the arguments of 'coin_monitor_graph.C(runMin,runMax)'
   if you want to see a different range of runs. For example:
   .x UTIL_CT/coin_monitor_graph.C(2040, 2070)