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This page is dedicated to all things Target Field related

Log Entries

Coil Currents

Coil Currents for D2n

Labview Program Guide

Field Measurements

  • A1n Vertical Field Measurement (March 13th, 2019)

Plan for returning from COVID shutdown

  • Work that can begin immediately (June 10th, 2020) Task 1 in HCLIST (
    • Follow manufacturers "Check out" procedure for new power supply which was delivered during shutdown
      • This can be done anywhere, I just need some connectors from Ethan or Jack. Currently the new power supply is in Bill's office.
    • Measure resistance to ground for both coils.
    • Install latest new power supply, add additional circuitry (RLC).
    • Test power supplies in both current and voltage control mode
      • MUST check PS output on scope, with and without RF on.
      • LIKE to check PS output on scope, with and without sense wires attached.
      • LIKE to check PS output on scope, with and without additional circuity (RLC).
      • Determine calibrations: Current to field, field direction equation for epics, function generator output vs PS output, ...
      • Update programs. One for voltage mode, one for current mode

  • After the cell is polarized (Task 9 in HCLIST)
    • Test NMR in both voltage and current mode