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Minutes of SHMS MC working group meeting 09/02/2011

Participants: Dave Gaskell, John Arrington, Mark Jones and Dipangkar Dutta

1. Several new documents have been uploaded to the wiki which will aid in the validation of the SHMS single arm Monte Carlo. These include Dave G's summary of Optics studies from 2009, this document includes a table of magnet parameters. A comparison of Snake and COSY forward transport matrix elements. SHMS collimator design document from Tanja, completed in 2009. And a table of detector positions and outlines.

2. Validation of single arm MC for the SHMS: This task needs to be accelerated since we are behind and also now there is a deadline. Howard has asked that we complete the design of the collimators and slits by December 2011.

The validation of the mc_shms has begun in ernest. The various aperture and drift distance were compared with the table of magnet parameters provided by Dave. Dave clarified that the drift distance in the MC have to match those used in the COSY model he will re-verify these number between COSY, MC and the parameters table.

Dipangkar will verify the aperture calculations for the dipole used in the MC. The current numbers were obtained using the description provided by Dave Potterveld. We will validate the calculations one more time.

Mark will talk to Mike Fowler and verify that the dipole apperture numbers in Dave P.'s discription match those in the engineering drawings.

The detector position and outlines in the current MC did not match all the numbers in detector outlines table. But the drift chamber position and outline, the most critical piece, do match the table. We will request Howard to verify that detector positions in the table match his number and then we will update the MC

Once we have verified all numbers the MC will be used to establish the reference solid angles and beam envelopes. We hope to try and complete these tasks in the next 2 weeks, when we meet again.

John suggested that once we have the most up to date numbers the aperture "sanity check" code in the HMS MC should be implemented in the SHMS MC as well.

Once the MC is validated we can begin finalizing the design of the collimators and slits.