Pol He3 Target Meeting April 27, 2020

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Members present: Jian-ping, Murchhana, Melanie, Arun, Brad, Jixie, Mingyu, Todd, Bill, Junhao, and Mingyu


  • Presented slides on Compass measurements
    • Settings for the compass measurements were exactly the same as those for the field measurements
    • Longitudinal: needed a turning mirror to reflect the laser beam toward the compass (the only difference between the longitudinal and transverse setups).
    • Transverse (+x) field direction measurements
      • want to compare to Bill’s results
    • Horizontal error from mirror alignment
      • fit to a line and not an ellipse? how much the trend deviates from a line represents the uncertainties


  • Completed script that uses Mingyu’s run databse to analyze NMR data
    • Put NMR results in the pol-he3 group directory
    • can still work on the cdaql1 directory, but be sure to store results in the group directory so it’s backed up
  • Need to find out if we can access EPICS variables from the farm
    • Cannot seem to get the correction coil settings from EPICS?


  • Can expect shipment for the KEPCO power supply soon

Next week, we expect presentations from Mingyu and Melanie