RC Meeting and Run Plan, Wed. Oct. 3

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  • Status
    • Kaon LT status page.
    • Accelerator is working to understand the increase in beam trips at higher currents.

  • Plans - Physics by Friday 7 am
    • Finish the "center" kinematics (by sometime in the first half of swing); then move to the "right" kinematics (SHMS small angle, 7.74 deg) and take 43% of min goal of 51 K
    • Ask for beam energy measurement: ~ 2h
    • Go for lumi scans (both low and high rates): ~8 h

  • Plans - Access Friday
    • Will re-confirm with RadCon for Friday 7am survey
    • SHMS aerogel tray change: ~6-8 hours
    • Howard will go in to check on the over-active group of wires in HMS DC1X2
    • 3HC07A harp checkout