RC Meeting and Runplan, Wednesday, Sept 19

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  • Status
    • Reasonably anticipate machine to be back up with CW beam on Friday swing. Hall lock up tomorrow toward the end of day shift (1500h).
    • Planning to cool target on Thursday, condense on Monday if all goes well over the weekend.
    • Old rotation motors being replaced today, SHMS pointing survey.
    • Rotation instructions: extreme vigilance! [1][2]
    • Shift schedule: [3]. For now, we plan to call in experts as needed and to give warning ahead of time as things are going well to let people know (names in the run plan) to be here.
    • Tomorrow an escorted access to fix/connect a phone down in the Hall (escorted because does not have training)
  • Runplan
    • Starting at 5 pass. Updated plan here: [4]