Running the Yerevan Test Stand DAQ

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The Yerevan test stand for Aerogel detector is located in the room adjacent to Walter's office above the machine shop in the EEL building.

It has a single VME crate connected to a PC called hcdaq2. The system runs CODA 3.10. The VME crate currently has a single CAEN V792 ADC.

Login to hcdaq2 with the username "coda" and ask Bob Michaels for the password.

To start the DAQ, on hcdaq2 type


then login to the VME and start the ROC.  The command "govme" logs into
the VME crate and from there you type "startroc".

[coda@hcdaq2 ~]$ govme  

[sbs-onl@amoll2 ~]$ startroc

Hopefully the control GUI rcgui is familiar. If you are not familiar ...

After doing startcoda and the gui pops up in a few seconds ...
Click Control (upper left)
Click Connect
Click the Tools icon (far left of GUI, at the top)
Click Download (2nd button from left)
Click Start to start a run (the >> button)
Click End to end a run

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